About OSLO

Offshore activities in general face numerous risks in terms of safety, security and navigation. There are many sensor solutions available to detect objects that are above the ocean surface or (to less extent) below the surface. However, none of the conventional sensor technologies are able to properly detect objects in the surface layer, such as small boats, swimmers, buoys, markers and sea ice. OSLO has been developed as a new system to detect such objects in order to reduce the various risk they pose to the offshore and maritime sectors.

You can also download the Ladar technology fact sheet here.

Ocean Surface Layer Observation

OSLO (acronym for Ocean Surface Layer Observation) is a new prototype sensor technology that (when fused with conventional observations) enables surveillance of the ocean surface layer. The prototype solution has been tested for safety, security and navigation applications showing results way beyond the capabilities of conventional sensors.

The development is conducted as a joint venture between five European SME (Small-Medium-Enterprises), co-found by the European Commission.